Linksys EA6300 User Manual

Linksys EA6300 User Manual AC1200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router

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Linksys EA6300 User Manual – The Linksys EA6300 is a tasteful plan. It has a complete matte darkness with a direct silver highlight on the inside and a lone green light to show control. The light also flickers and flashes in the middle of firmware updates or WPS settings, however, there are no other visual status indicators for the associated devices or remote systems management of the switch. The flat plane of the commutator has no external reception apparatus that irritates its perfect lines and can be mounted in a divider due to the imperative openings in its base.

The switch is equipped with a WAN Gigabit Ethernet port to connect your different link or fiber modem or ADSL switch, as there is no inherent one. In addition, there are four Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports for your wired system. The EA6300 can communicate all the time in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz groups with hypothetical performance of 300Mbit / s and 867Mbit / s individually.

As a matter of course, both remote systems have similar names, which means that only a single SSID will appear on most of their devices, depending on whether they reinforce 5 GHz or not. This means that you can not restrict the 5 GHz devices to use the 2.4 GHz band, but it is conceivable to change the SSID names of the web interface if you wish.

The switch is also accompanied by a SimpleTap NFC card, which you can use to associate remote devices with NFC capability, for example, cell phones to the switch. Be that as it may, we never knew how to inspire it to work with a Nexus 5 or HTC One (m8) cell phone, and Linksys’ smart Wi-Fi application simply expressed that it was not ready to partner.

You can also organize a Guest, even though this exclusive works in the 2.4GHz band. The web interface allows you to restrict the number of devices that can be associated, from five visitors to 50. It requires that visitors interact with the open system and then enter a secret key on the login screen based on the program.

The web interface of the switch is anything but difficult to use, with its different configurations separated in most legitimate areas, for example, Parental Control and Connectivity. Parental controls are specifically anything but difficult to configure, with a clear and well-ordered procedure to match web access from particular frames under predetermined circumstances. You can also lead a speed test to verify the transfer of your website and download speeds.

The switch has a USB3 port that can be used to share an external storage unit or printer on the system. It is conceivable to share records through SMB or FTP, or you can create a DLNA media server. You must enter the Linksys Printer Sharing Utility on all computers from which you need to print and you may need to physically present the printer drivers. We had no printing problems with our Samsung Xpress C1810W laser printer test.

We tested the remote speeds of the EA6300 using both our reference tablet, which has an Intel Dual Band Wireless N-7260 connector, and the Linksus WUSB6300 wireless USB3 connector (£ 37 VAT included in Using our portable test PC and the 2.4GHz switch system, we saw incredible 53.6Mbit / s at 10m, but 6.6Mbit / s at 25m was poor. The performance improved extraordinarily the 5GHz band with a solid of 149Mbit / s at 10m, however 42.8Mbit / s at 25m is below normal.

Using the USB connector, the speeds were excellent. In 802.11n mode, the switch handled 195.7Mbit / s really fast at 10m and 139.8Mbit / s at 25m, which is additionally fast. In remote AC mode, remote speeds were further improved, with 233 Mbit / s at 10 m and 181.8 Mbit / s at 25 m; the score of 25 m is amazing in a change to this cost.

The Linksys EA6300 is an intelligent switch with exceptionally solid speeds whenever you use the Linksys USB connector. In any case, the D-Link DIR-868L is much faster, so, if you do not take the trouble to share the printer, it is justified regardless of the additional £ 15.

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