Linksys E8400 User Manual

Linksys E8400 User Manual AC2400 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router

Linksys E8400 User Manual Overview

Linksys E8400 User Manual –¬†Outside the box, the E8450 comes with a CD containing the Linksys Connect installation software for Windows machines and Mac. (the software can also be downloaded in case you have a computer that does not have an optical drive.) Once installed, the Linksys Connect application will take you through the step-by-step installation process, from connecting the router to the power, to configuring Wi-Fi and Internet access. After this, you can always use this software to manage some router settings.

For beginners, this software can be a convenient way to get the router up and running. For smarter users, it’s totally unnecessary. That’s because Linksys Connect allows access to only a few router settings, for the rest, you will have to use your Web interface. In addition, if you use this software, you will also make the password to access the Router interface (management password) as well as the Wi-Fi network password. This is terrible in terms of security because allowing someone to connect to your Wi-Fi network now also means letting that person access the router interface and change the network settings. For this reason, I would recommend completely bypassing the software and using the router’s web interface, which is pretty easy, instead.

By default, the router’s web interface is accessed by pointing to a browser on a computer connected to the default IP address of a router, which is and login with the predetermined credentials (admin for user name and password.)

The interface is organized and responsive. I liked the fact that it took very little time (a few seconds) to apply changes and most of the changes do not require a restart to apply. However, it is designed with more compatibility in mind than performance, especially when it comes to Wi-Fi network configuration. For example, you cannot configure the Wi-Fi network to work on a specific channel width other than 20 MHz, which produces the lowest data rate but is the most compatible. Note that to have higher speed Wi-Fi, you need to use the highest channel width (40 MHz for 802 .11n and 80MHz for 802.11 AC), but you can only use these channels in a mixed mode (auto), where the router would return to the lowest if a device I have Recharge is connected to the network. Also, in the 5 GHz band, you can’t make the router to work only in the 802.11 AC mode either.

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