Asus RT-AC87U User Manual

Asus RT-AC87U User Manual AC2400 Dual-band Wireless Gigabit Router

Asus RT-AC87U User Manual Overview

Asus RT-AC87U User Manual – 8 MB Dim memory and 256 MB DDR 3 memory frame. In general, it has enough power as a small server and is currently the one with the most capable specifications among the home switches.

As a switch, the RT-AC87U has four gigabit LAN ports and a gigabit WAN (Internet) port on its back. This is a typical number of system ports for a Home switch. The RT-AC87U is vast however and then has enough space for a couple of more LAN ports. The more ports you have, the more wired gadgets you can connect to before you turn on a switch.

The switch comes with two USB ports. The USB port 2.0, of course, is on its back, however for unknown reasons the USB port 3.0 is put on the front. In general, the 3.0 USB port would be used to have a perpetual storage gadget, and having this port in the front means that you will have a messy configuration if you use the switch as a NAS server.

I understand the absence of additional system ports and the position of the 3.0 USB port is based on the plan of the switch principle circuit board, however, it is something that ASUS must remember for its future switches.

With the 3.0 USB Port put on the front, it is a little awkward when you need the switch to have a hard drive outside.

At the front, the switch accompanies a variety of favor LED status lights. I found these lights extremely helpful however sadly all of them face down. This implies regardless of how the switch is set (either on the floor or mounted on the splitter), most likely you will not have the ability to see these lights by any means, without twisting. Since you can kill these lights on or by means of a catch at the front of the switch, the way they are hidden away fills no need by any imagination spread.

Like the last finals 802.11 AC switches from ASUS, including the RT-AC66U and the RT-AC68U, the new RT-AC87U is anything but difficult to configure. Simply connect the switch A and indicate a program the default IP address of the switch ( The first time when you go there, the interface will welcome you with a Web-based wizard, which gives you a walk through a couple of steps.

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